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CHRIST TV believes that when people understand their true origin they will see more clearly their purpose and destiny in life. Through the power of the internet and the dynamics of the new electronic age, CHRIST TV will broadcast globally 24 hours a day via the Internet. is destined to become a bench mark in the industry through this bold and fresh approach. This will become a bench mark in the industry and set CHRIST TV in a category all its own. We will transmit globally 24 hours a day via the Internet, IPOD, Satellite, HDTV and Cable Communication.

Founders, Wayne and Carol Marler have the vision to lead Christ TV in a direction that the traditional broadcast industry has failed to go. Utilizing the power of communication and taking a bold initiative that will set a bench mark, hopefully that others will have to follow.

Wayne & Carol Marler

Founders | Pastors | Producers

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Our Faith

Our Vision

Christ TV is a Global Broadcasting Network incorporating the latest technologies of Internet and Satellite Communication.

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Now that all the pieces of the electronic puzzle have come together and are streaming at the speed of light, the reality is beginning to sink in and the real need has surfaced on the horizon, and that need is TRUTH and PURPOSE.

Our Mission

Inspiration through knowledge will make the world a better place to live.
The dawn of the new electronic age is rising upon humanity in this new millennium. The Internet will have by far the greatest impact on the earth at the dawn of this new electronic age.

The paradigm shift to the new digital age offers unlimited possibilities in the world of broadcast.
All of a Sudden the world is a very small place.
The affiliates of CHRIST TV want to be the new pioneers in the field of mass communication,
taking a giant step forward in the evolution of broadcast.

Every communications company on the globe is desperately screaming for programming. What good is all the bandwidth if it is void of Truth and Purpose… and void of substance?
That is exactly where Christ TV fits into the picture.

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