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Habakkuk 2:14
"For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea."
The Sleeping Giant
Thy Kingdom Come
Creation By Design
Nibiru Revealed
Roots Of Evil
Hearing God's Voice
Sea Glass
Great Minds
Jeremiah 33:3
The Book About Your Life
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The Apoloptic Soul
Christ TV is a Global Broadcasting Network incorporating the latest technologies of Internet and Satellite Communication.

The paradigm shift to the new digital age offers unlimited possibilities in the world of broadcast. All of a Sudden the world is a very small place. The affiliates of CHRIST TV want to be the new pioneers in the field of mass communication, taking a giant step forward in the evolution of broadcast.

Harness the power of live video

Just Went Live

Global Broadcasting Network
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Hearing God's Voice

Christ TV believes that when people understand their true origin they will see more clearly their purpose and destiny in life.

Founders, Wayne and Carol Marler produced a collection of videos with that purpose in mind. Utilizing the technology of today paired with divine nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, bringing truth, purpose and destiny out into the entire Globe, reaching those that do not know who HIM.

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